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My practice and belief is made up of some of my wiccan beginnings, appalachian magic, some hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, shamanism, and whole lot of what seems to work for me. I believe in a god and goddess, a duality, a constantly shifiting balance, oppposite but equal. When I look at the natural world this makes sense to me. Light and dark, hot and cold. Even when these polarities exist in one they are still recocognized as two halves of the same or the mixing of two.

Spirits and other unembodied entities are everywhere, some that exist here, some that visit here, and some that are stuck here. Like all things the majority of these entities just exist, getting by as they do. Occassionally you come across some that are really kind and helpful, and you also have some that are just plain nasty. Modern thought would have you believe that ALL these entities exist solely in one of these two states. Spirits and magic affect more around us than what most want to realize. Ironically people are aware of it but for years have told themselves such things do not exist so they automatically dismiss them. People are unnerved by their connection to deeper reality. They associate it with danger.

I am NOT a good witch, nor am I a bad witch (well by how most folks define “good” and “bad” now a days), hell I am not even sure I am a witch either. I will cast spells to help people, bring me success, give me clarity, I also will cast spells against people when they really piss me off. To give them a little bad luck. To give the ass that cut me off a flat tire or engine trouble. Then again, I may get a vibe off some one that says they did not mean to do that, or they have an emergency, and I will let it slide. In the end I trust my connnection with the universe to guide me.

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I am southernfriedwiccan. I am 36 and have been a pagan for over 20 years. When I began on this path I was more or less wiccan, like so many of us. Today I don’t call myself wiccan at all, but I kept the name because I think it describes me and my outlook pretty good. For me spirituality is reflected in life and life is reflected in spirituality. I live in the blue ridge moutains, a part of the magical appalachians. I work for a living, I AM not middle class. I am by no means wealthy, most of the time one bill or another is late. I have a small piece of land nestled deep among the crooked roads and forgotten hollows of these ancient mountains. I am deeply connected to the earth and the cycles of life and death. I consider myself a hillbilly. I make do if I can’t afford it (which is a lot) and prefer to make it or find it.

I’m a tinker and wild crafter in my heart. I see the beauty, feel the magic, and admire the naturally graced human ingenuity in old and new technology. I love going out into the wild country. Seeking out local plants animals and minerals that are seldom documented about in modern magic and paganism and finding their power within.

My family originally came from these mountains and left them for other opportunities before I was born.

While I was not raised in the mountains, the mountains were raised in me. I grew up in many of the traditions and ideals of the mountains, simplicity, making do, resolution. I also grew up with many of the negative aspects of the region as well, ignorance, intolerance, abuse. I saw the world beyond that and that is not to say “I saw the light” because the world beyond the mountains is not all good. All this has shaped my paganism and has lead me farther and farther away from wicca.

But from all of that I became who I am.

So nearly a decade ago I moved back to the mountains. I feel a magical connection with the appalachians. I began wanting to know more about the magical history and culture of these mountains and incorporate that not only into my practices by MY life. Thats what this blog is about. Its a blog about a simple poor man, living appalachian magic with the intent of those that came before. Its for other pagans who are not middle class (and I believe there are a lot of us) just trying to make do. Its for understanding the ways and whys of appalachian magicians that came before and how those ideas are used now. You won’t find orderly polished posts here. I’m rough and rambling and write as I think and speak.

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